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Getting started

The OBD Semantic Wiki Database

This is a test, if OBD commands and can senseful been collected and stored in a semantic wiki.

The experimental idea is as follows:

A vehicle model represent a defined set of electronic modules. When the content is different, than it's also a different vehicle model, so a vehicle carline can have a lot of models over it's live time

Each different model is represent as one page in this wiki. The page name is the mask of the vehicle VIN number, where all non relevant digits are blanked with a +. This VIN mask is used when the list of all matching models is queried against a given VIN number.


Actual just a placeholder

Models in this Wiki

{{#ask: | ?has modelname=Model | ?=Details on page | mainlabel=- | limit=20 }}

As said, each model contains a defined set of electronic modules. As all these modules could have so many different names, they are stored not by any name, but just by their bus-ID (like "7E0") in this Wiki. Each module has its own page. If there are modules with the same bus-ID, but with different content, they just got a trailing counter into their page name (like "7E0-0". This counter is an increasing number only to differentiate, but must not have any other meaning to not make it to confusing.

Modules in this Wiki

{{#ask: | ?has modulename=Module | ?=Details on page | mainlabel=- | limit=20 }}

Commands in this Wiki

These modules then finally have a set of commands. Also this commands are stored as separate page by their command string with trailing counter to differentiate.

{{#ask: | ?has title=Command | ?=Details on page | mainlabel=- | limit=20 }}

DTCs in this Wiki

Modules also have DTCs. Each DTC has also it's own page

{{#ask: | ?has title=DTCs | ?=Details on page | mainlabel=- | limit=20 }}

Signals and Values in this Wiki

Some Modules also emits Signals onto the bus. Each Signal contains one more Values. The information, where this value can be found, is stored as property of each module, while the meaning of a Value has it own page.

This is because the same values can appear on many places, as result from different module commands or as signal from differen modules

{{#ask: | ?has title=Values | ?=Details on page | mainlabel=- | limit=20 }}

Final Sense of this Semantic Wiki

Through the semantic syntax inside the pages, all the data is machine-readable linked to each other. So the design goal should be, that the user selects his vehicle model, and an automated process then looks up all contained modules with all its contained command data and compiles a ready-to-use OOBD script out of it which can instantly be used on a vehicle.

Thanks to the separation into thousand single pages, this database can be filled by a collaboration community by many people in parallel. The "fluent text" wiki interface allows data input with a lot of surrounding information like pictures, links etc. without the limitation of a fixed database input form.