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The has modulename::Motor Management Module (has shortname::PCM) controls the engine on has bus::HS-CAN as ID has busid::7E0.

Is used in the Models[edit]

{{#ask: has module::OOBD:Module:7E0-0 | ?has modelname }}

The Module supports the Commands[edit]

{{#show: OOBD:Command:22F113-0 | ?cmd | ?has title | format=list }}

The Module throws the DTC[edit]

{{#show: OOBD:DTC:P0141 | ?has dtccode | ?has title | format=list }}

The Module emits the Signals[edit]

{{#subobject:- | has msgid=400 | has bitpos=18 | has value = OOBD:Value:battery Voltage L1 | is in module =OOBD:Module:7E0-0 }}MessageID: 400 Bitposition:18 Value:battery Voltage L1 {{#subobject:- | has msgid=410 | has bitpos=5 | has value = OOBD:Value:Speed | is in module =OOBD:Module:7E0-0 }}MessageID: 410 Bitposition:5 Value:Speed

{{#ask:is in module ::OOBD:Module:7E0-0 | ?has msgid | ?has bitpos | ?has value | mainlabel=-}}